Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, was carefully picked out for our list for reasons you are (or should be!) well aware of. Europe’s pride, and one of the world’s most colorful cities, Amsterdam is served by the Amsterdam Schipol Airport. The city started off as a fishing village in the twelfth century, and ironically enough, it is now the place to fish for the most exotic varieties of almost everything. Defying public belief by giving much importance to refined entertainment, Amsterdam plays host to more than fourteen thousand theatrical performances per year, in addition to its fabulous cultural and musical events. Some of the most popular events are The Robodok, Amsterdam Roots Festival, and the Grachtenfestival.

However, there are certain things that are now so deeply associated with Amsterdam that they jump to the forefront of the mind as soon as one thinks of the city. Cozy pubs, hip lounges, vivacious clubs, world-class DJs, the hundred years old Albert Cuyp Market, fun shops, flower markets, traditional Dutch mills, lighthouses, parks and gardens with tulips and tulips, lakes and beaches, castles, manor houses, spas, rollerblading, and Friday Night Skate are just some of the images that any mention of Amsterdam evokes.

There is also a very cultured side to the city, and Amsterdam is home to more than fifty museums, such as the Rijksmuseum, the Masterpieces – with a pictorial story of the economic, political and artistic miracle of the Golden Age – and the Stedelijk Museum – one of Europe’s most significant modern and contemporary art museums where impressionism, pop art, and minimalism share company with various other exhibits.


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