Northern Italy’s cultural and business centre, Turin is the capital of the Piedmont region and consequently a location of great importance. Turin has been home to many of the greatest Italian politicians and as a result is nicknamed the “cradle of Italian liberty”; a city recognised for its noble, historic role.

With many incredible sights to see and things to do, it is no surprise Turin is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Here is a city guide to this superb location. 

Rich Culture

A city famous for its rich culture, Turin boasts an array of unique attractions and sights. One of these incredible must-see spectacles is the Egyptian Museum, a fascinating place to visit which will take visitors deep into the past. Specialising in Egyptian archaeology, this museum homes impressive yet ancient collections ranging from the Temple of Tuthmosi III to the Turin Royal Canon. Containing the world’s second largest collection of Egyptian antiquities, this museum is truly one of a kind. A proud part of Turin’s rich culture, the Egyptian museum is an attraction worth visiting.

The statue of Kha; one of the many sights to see at the Egyptian Museum.

The statue of Kha; one of the many sights to see at the Egyptian Museum.

Built between 1491 and 1498, the Turin Cathedral is a superb treasure belonging to the city and is well-loved by many. The main place of worship for the Roman Catholic population, Turin Cathedral is still in use today. The burial place of the blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, an Italian Catholic and social activist who dedicated his life to prayer, charity and above all his community, the cathedral has a rich heritage and past. Its Renaissance- Baroque architectural style makes it a superb sight to admire both for its appearance and spectacular history.

Beautiful Sights

With public parks such as Parco del Valentino, Turin overflows with great beauty. Located along the Po River, this area of 500,000 square metres is one of the city’s most precious places. From the parks beautiful, botanical gardens to its enchanting medieval village, there is much to see when visiting this superb location. Since its opening date in 1856, the park has become increasingly popular amongst tourists and locals alike, making it a true gem of the city.

Parco del Valentino; a beautiful place to visit.

Parco del Valentino; a beautiful place to visit.

Parco della Pellerina is another dazzling park, full of bustle with quiet corners dotted around. The largest park in the city, Parco della Pellerina boasts an incredible area of 837, 220 square metres. Due to its beautiful, spacious grounds the park has become a key spot for exercising, and sees the arrival of early morning joggers as well as gentle evening strollers. With sport facilities such as tennis courts and a swimming pool also on site, this park is the perfect place to release some energy and have lots of fun. Often used for concerts and events, Parco della Pellerina is a great spot to relax, lay back and soak up Mother Nature’s beauty in style.

Superb Entertainment

Though it is a location of great historical and cultural importance, the city of Turin also knows how to entertain. With theatres such as the Teatro Stabile Torino, visitors will be kept thoroughly occupied. Founded in 1955, the theatre has become a key part of the city. With discounts available for schools and other large groups, a visit to the Teatro Stabile Torino will make for a brilliant evening out. Performing traditional classics such as Hamlet, the theatre is a must for tourists young and old.


Turin is a city of rich culture, beautiful sights and superb entertainment. With such a range of great attractions, from its enchanting Egyptian Museum to its spacious, fun-filled parks, Turin is a city made for everyone. Those wanting a holiday to remember, will get just that when visiting Turin, whatever they decide to do.

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Image Credits: Wikipedia and automaticjoy