Originally a small rural settlement, Glasgow has grown to become the largest city in Scotland and one of the country’s most energetic and lively areas. The third biggest city in the UK, Glasgow is full of exciting activity waiting to be discovered.

Boasting a name for itself as one of the world’s major seaports, this vibrant location is famous for its successful heritage and intriguing history. Here is a city guide to this extraordinary place.

Retail Therapy

This big city is sure to put a big smile on anyone’s face, thanks to its incredible shopping centres. Home to the world- famous Buchanan Galleries, one of world’s largest city centre shopping developments, Glasgow is the ultimate place to indulge in a bit of retail therapy. Costing over £250 million to build, Buchanan Galleries offer spendaholics a day of superb shopping. Since its opening in 1999, the centre has attracted tourists from around the world and remains one of the greatest places to shop even today.

The Buchanan Galleries offer an incredible shopping experience!

The Buchanan Galleries offer an incredible shopping experience!

St Enoch Centre is another great place to shop. Nicknamed ‘The Glasgow Greenhouse’ the centre has a huge, glass roof which covers its entirety. Due to the spectacular design, shoppers can enjoy a warm stream of natural sunlight shining upon them as they go about their business. With stores ranging from British Home Stores to Boots, shoppers will find everything they need enclosed within this great space.

Incredible Museums

Those who want to explore Glasgow’s intriguing past and present culture will find an array of great museums ready to supply them with all the information they desire. Glasgow’s Riverside Museum is dedicated to travel and houses over 3,000 objects both old and new, showing the city’s development of transport. The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is also a great place to visit and exhibits some of Europe’s finest civic art collections. A location of great history and fascinating culture, a visit to Glasgow’s museums is a must for tourists.

The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is packed with interesting sights.

The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is packed with interesting sights.

Great Entertainment

This major and world-famous city overflows with great entertainment, whether it is theatre, music or films.

Hosting a variety of exciting events ranging from ballets to rock concerts, the Royal Concert Hall is a superb place to visit. Operated by Glasgow Life, the hall is loved by all and a proud part of Glasgow’s culture. Designed by Sir Leslie Martin, this beautiful building is home to the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, and welcomes an array of other orchestras from around the globe. With a main auditorium which seats 2475 people, the Royal Concert hall has enough space for everyone.

Those who prefer film to live theatre will find Glasgow Film Theatre the place for them. Located on Rose Street, this independently owned cinema threw open its doors in 1939. Since its opening date it has become a huge success and now shows over 600 films every year. From international movies to documentaries, the Glasgow Film Theatre hosts a variety of independent flicks not usually shown. With clubs such as the Film Discussion Group and the Skinny Film Quiz, movie enthusiasts can reflect on new releases and timeless classics.


This popular destination offers it all. From visiting its brilliant museums, where tourists can dive deep into discovering the city’s history, to finding light film entertainment in the heart of the region, Glasgow offers a variety of fun things to do. One of Scotland’s greatest cities, Glasgow is enthralling, exciting and most definitely exceptional!

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By Maria Hubbard.


Image Credits: EG Focus and Wikipedia