New developments, changing tastes, time-honored traditions, and even older predilections have simultaneously led us to name WarsawBarcelonaBerlinAmsterdam, and Athensas the “5 Top European City Break Destinations.”  While it is true that many amazing parts (and ports) of Europe had to be left out of this list, you will agree that each of our chosen city break destinations shows Europe at its very best.



Warsaw the national, cultural and entertainment capital of Poland is also its largest city, and is served by the Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport. Aside from huge, awe-inspiring collections of Polish and foreign art, there are more than thirty major theatres in this city. Warsaw’s National Theatre (founded in 1765) and Grand Theatre in Warsaw (established in 1778) are two of the most popular houses of drama to be found in the city. The city also attracts young and bohemian directors and performers, mostly at the smaller theatrical venues located outside downtown. At the TR Warszawa, for instance, you can discover the finest in contemporary theatre, while more sensational theatrical and musical acts may be enjoyed at the National Opera, the Chamber Opera, the National Philharmonic HallRoma and Buffo, and the Jewish Theatre. The puppet theatres of Warsaw such as Baj,Guiliwer and Lalka are excellent means of introducing your kids to the cultural boom in Europe today; preparing them for what is to come. Warsaw City Breaks


Barcelona , too, makes a strong statement for itself. Served by the Barcelona Airport, it is one of the most enigmatic cities to visit and is known for its high standard museums, theatres, art galleries and nightlife. Besides, the city is an architectural extravaganza in its own right. Here is where the Catalan genius Antoni Gaudi formed his world within a world, and where Parc GuellSegrada FamiliaLa Pedrera/Casa Mila and La Casa Batllo pay testament to the artistic potential of humankind, and the universal truth that originality finds its place in the evolution of our global society, no matter what. In case you didn’t know, Picasso is also heavily represented in Barcelona, and you can catch a glimpse of his genius at the Picasso MuseumPoble Espanyol, and Els Quatre GatsBarcelona City Breaks


Berlin the second most populous city in the European Union, is the third contender on our list. It has three commercial airports: Tegel International AirportTempelhofInternational Airport, and Schonefeld International Airport.

The capital of Germany was granted a place on this list not only because it is a fantastic place to holiday at for quality time but also since it teaches a very important lesson to humanity. The Berlin Wall, a large stretch of which still remains intact for instructive and amusement purposes, reminds us of the excessive costs paid by everyone, in a world that is divided through violence. Today, the undamaged stretch of the Wall, known as the East Side Gallery, displays striking murals; if you are particularly intrigued by this chapter of the city’s history, there is also a Berlin Wall Memorial you would want to visit. The Potsdamer Platz, divided in two by the Wall, is a newly developed area boasting a large shopping center and movie theater complexes, and adds a bit of modern color to Berlin’s historical denomination.

Much like the other destinations that made the list, Berlin is also a city of art, yet it is unique in its own standing. The city has over one hundred and fifty museums in all, and a few of the ones providing an extraordinary experience include The Art Center Berlin Friedrichstrabe, the Museum of Indian Art, and the Museum of East Asian Art. Imbibing Berlin’s virtuosity is much like taking a university course in itself– and can only be truly appreciated in several trips.

In case you’re a night person, rest assured that Berlin is known to party harder than any other place in Europe. There are groovy clubs and dance parlors all across the city; and all you have to do to join the revel is ask around for the most popular hangouts near you. On a side note, Berlin is also one of the greenest cities in Europe; it has more bridges than Venice and more than sixty percent of its surface area is either a park or a river. If in the mood for enjoying a lovely afternoon in the shade of a tree, you can head out to one of many beautiful parks, namely TiergartenBrietzer GartenVictoriapark and Volkspark MariendorfBerlin City Breaks


Amsterdam , the capital of the Netherlands, was carefully picked out for our list for reasons you are (or should be!) well aware of. Europe’s pride, and one of the world’s most colorful cities, Amsterdam is served by theAmsterdam Schipol Airport.  The city started off as a fishing village in the twelfth century, and ironically enough, it is now the place to fish for the most exotic varieties of almost everything. Defying public belief by giving much importance to refined entertainment, Amsterdam plays host to more than fourteen thousand theatrical performances per year, in addition to its fabulous cultural and musical events. Some of the most popular events are The Robodok,Amsterdam Roots Festival, and the Grachtenfestival.

However, there are certain things that are now so deeply associated with Amsterdam that they jump to the forefront of the mind as soon as one thinks of the city. Cozy pubs, hip lounges, vivacious clubs, world-class DJs, the hundred years old Albert Cuyp Market, fun shops, flower markets, traditional Dutch mills, lighthouses, parks and gardens with tulips and tulips, lakes and beaches, castles, manor houses, spas, rollerblading, and Friday Night Skate are just some of the images that any mention of Amsterdam evokes.  There is also a very cultured side to the city, and Amsterdam is home to more than fifty museums, such as the Rijksmuseum, the Masterpieces – with a pictorial story of the economic, political and artistic miracle of the Golden Age – and the Stedelijk Museum – one of Europe’s most significant modern and contemporary art museums where impressionism, pop art, and minimalism share company with various other exhibits. Amsterdam City Breaks


Athens landing the much deserved concluding spot on our list, will take you back to the dawn of civilization, in many ways proving to be the birthplace of European civilization as we know it. A huge, modern metropolis of sorts, the capital of Greece has recently been graced with the services of a new airport: Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport.

The city is most certainly worth your money and your while, whether you’re looking for a short retreat from your hectic life, or – as clichéd as it sounds – a vacation of a lifetime. Athens exposes you to a mystifying blend of architectural styles from across the centuries and under many influences, and The Athens Academy is only one such example of the epic beauty the city has come to epitomize. The National Museum and National Library are located right next to the Academy which is, in fact, only a ten minute walk from Syntagma Square, around which most of the tourist attractions are concentrated.

As attractive as all that sounds, there’s no doubt that the main monument to visit in Athens is the Acropolis: the ancient fortified town dating back to the Late Bronze Age. Here tourists get to discover and explore some of the greatest buildings of the Greek Classical Age – the Parthenon, the Erectheion, and the Temple of Athena Nike.

On a tangent to the epic history and culture that strikes visitors, Athens is also an entertaining destination for the more frivolous at heart. For tourists looking to indulge in first-class shopping,  the Kolonaki district is the place to be; you can browse through various designer stores, whilst interacting with the classy cream of Greek society. On the other hand, if you’d rather prefer to spend wisely, Ermou Street is the perfect place for you to expend those traveler’s cheques. Athens City Breaks


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